Two souls meet when both of them are looking for something different in their lives

Or maybe only one of them

Or maybe they are not looking for anything at all

They meet, they talk, they share

They share time which is one of the most important things in one’s life

They take their own personal time

They combine it with words, ideas, emotions

Until they are no more able to distinguish between time and what is not time

And they squash the mixture and create something new

That is what they’ve become

Then souls separate without making any sound

They just disappear from each other’s sight and they are combined into something else

They have no more time to share and

They wonder why did they have to meet and

What was all that alchemy

But suddenly they stop wondering and stop asking

They understand there’s nothing to know nothing to solve

It just happened

And it was not a love story, just a good good mixture

And it was beatiful.