tried not to think too much last evening

did work for the very first bunch of seconds

but it’s not always as easy as baking a cake

because they often suggest me to think ‘bout good things

and the me of today morning liked baking cakes

hated eating it

ripeness in all, he said; to encourage himself, me suppose

but what to do


what to really do – thinking pragmatically –  

when you can’t even breath the air in your bedroom?

how did me unlearned to do such a simple thing?

laid down briefly last evening

stared at the wall above

a little mosquito began to buzz between my synapsis

how annoying it is

what did you do this morning? did you bake a cake? did you eat it?

did me bake a cake? did me eat it?

can’t stare at the wall above anymore

it’s suffocating it’s like crushing me

is that the basis of an elevator coming down or what else

woke up sweating thinking of how much

me just would like to fall asleep

and eventually implode into a tiny piece of cake

that disgusting cake me baked in the morning

me ate it

i swear i won’t do that again my goddess

ripeness in all, me need ripeness

or at least a rest